CASCO is the ISO committee responsible for conformity assessment in ISO. CASCO develops policy and publishes standards related to conformity assessment, but it does not perform conformity assessment activities.


CASCO is made up of a number of groups that take care of different tasks.

CASCO’s standards development work is carried out by working groups of experts who are put forward by the ISO member bodies. The experts do not always belong to the member body but represent an expertise required by the working group.

CASCO’s policy work is support by three standing groups (CPC, TIG, STAR) that work to ensure a consistent and organized approach to conformity assessment.


Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Président du CASCO
Caroline B. Outa-Ogweno
Caroline B. Outa-Ogweno
Vice-présidente du CASCO


Cristina Draghici
Cristina Draghici
Secrétaire du CASCO
Secrétariat central de l’ISO

Membership and liaisons

CASCO membership is open to all ISO members. Full list of CASCO members.


CASCO has established liaisons with international organizations active in conformity assessment. Full list of organizations (bottom of the page).

CASCO also works with different ISO technical committees whose work is related to conformity assessment. Full list of technical committees.

The majority of CASCO documents are published as joint ISO and IEC documents. CASCO also has an active partnership with ISO’s standardization partner, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).     

CASCO Toolbox

The ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards for conformity assessment form the CASCO Toolbox.

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Standards under direct responsibility of the CASCO Secretariat.

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CASCO Strategic Directions 2022-26

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